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THE federal government is cutting red tape to make life easier, help small business and strengthen the economy, according to Durack MP Melissa Price.

“We have listened to the concerns in our community about the burden of red tape in Australia.

“Whether it is small business owners, local community groups or hard-working individuals, the message is the same – please make things simpler,” Ms Price said.

For the first time, the government is dedicating two days of Parliament each year to removing red tape and during the Spring Red Tape Repeal Day on October 29, nearly 1000 pieces of legislation and regulation were removed, she said.

Nearly half a million small businesses are now exempt from pay-as-you-go requirements and about1.4 million myTax users will be able to use quicker and simpler income tax returns.

Access to government services is now also simpler, with seven services, including Medicare and Centrelink, accessible through one myGov username and password.

“Many of the ideas to cut red tape came directly from members of the community, so please let me know if you are being weighed down by rules and regulations,” Ms Price said.

For summaries of new initiatives and to pass on suggestions visit cutting

Independent senator John Madigan has suggested that HECS debts should be frozen for five years for primary caregivers. Photo: Alex EllinghausenA key crossbench senator has raised a five-year freeze on student debts for mothers who have graduated from university as a bargaining chip in negotiations over the government’s proposed higher education changes.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne is continuing to negotiate with the Senate crossbenchers in the hope of striking a deal on his reform package, which includes allowing universities to charge as much as they want for a degree.

A Fairfax Media Ipsos poll, conducted between Thursday and Saturday last week, found 64 per cent of voters oppose deregulating university fees.

Independent Victorian Senator John Madigan, whose vote on the reforms could be crucial, said: “I’m concerned about the effects of higher HECS debts on women who graduate and have children.

“I’ve suggested that HECS debts should be frozen for five years for primary caregivers. Debts continuing to accrue interest while people are out of the workforce will have a nobbling effect on families with young children.”

Mr Madigan welcomed signals from Mr Pyne that he will abandon plans to peg student debts to the long-term government bond rate, rather than inflation, but said the government should go further.

Independent South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon praised Mr Madigan’s proposal as the type of “lateral thinking” that will be needed to strike a deal on university reform.

Senators Madigan and Xenophon told Fairfax Media they have serious concerns about fee deregulation but intense lobbying from the university sector has convinced them the current funding system is unsustainable. With Labor and the Greens opposed to fee deregulation, the government will need the support of six of the eight Senate crossbenchers to pass its reforms.

“Universities have been hit by funding cuts from both sides. They are starved of cash and need to be more viable,” Senator Xenophon said.

“I can see why they want fee deregulation but I am wary of unintended consequences.

“I don’t want to see the Americanisation of our universities where people are reluctant to take on lots of debt.”

Asked about negotiations with Mr Pyne, Senator Xenophon said: “He is as frustrating and enigmatic as he was when I lectured him at the University of South Australia 25 years ago.”

Senator Xenophon said the government had gone about reform in an “awful” way by announcing a complicated set of reforms in the May budget.

Senator Madigan said: “I’m very reticent on fee deregulation at this point of time. I don’t want to see families saddled with debts that will be higher than Ayers Rock to climb over.

“What the government is putting forward I wouldn’t accept – there would need to be a lot more safeguards put in place for me to consider supporting it.”

Mr Madigan, from Ballarat, said he was particularly concerned about the impact of the government’s policies on regional universities.

But he acknowledged that “no legislation is perfect” and he is open to a package that “ticks most of the boxes”.

“There is no doubt that something has to be done but it has to be done in a considered manner,” he said.

A spokesman for Mr Pyne said the package “represents essential reform that will expand opportunity for students and ensure our universities are sustainable and competitive internationally into the future.

As the Government has indicated on many occasions, this will inevitably involve negotiations with the cross benches as the Coalition does not have a majority in the Senate.”

Mr Pyne said on the weekend he was prepared to negotiate into the new year to strike a deal on higher education reform.

“Timelines can always be shifted and I’m not going to be hidebound by timing schedules,” Mr Pyne said. “What I want is an outcome for students and universities. That is a more important result than [meeting] timelines and schedules.”

Clive Palmer and Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie have said the party will oppose fee deregulation. But previous PUP backflips on climate policy, financial planning laws and the mining tax have fuelled government hopes that the party could do a deal on higher education.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that Senator Xenophon lectured Mr Pyne at the University of Adelaide 25 years ago. The lectures were in fact at what is now known as the University of South Australia.

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Hello again: Prince Edward leaves the Prince Edward Yacht Club in Point Piper, Sydney, on Monday afternoon after a luncheon. Photo: DIMEX

Hello again: Prince Edward leaves the Prince Edward Yacht Club in Point Piper, Sydney, on Monday afternoon after a luncheon. Photo: DIMEX

Hello again: Prince Edward leaves the Prince Edward Yacht Club in Point Piper, Sydney, on Monday afternoon after a luncheon. Photo: DIMEX

He might not have the star clout of his nephew the Duke of Cambridge and his glamorous wife, Catherine, but His Royal Highness Prince Edward’s arrival in Sydney marks the beginning of a five-day tour during which  he will meet more than 1000 young people and 1200 volunteers  throughout the country.

The Earl of Wessex is in NSW to commemorate more than 50 years of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in Australia. Flying the flag for his 93-year-old father, Prince Philip, the earl met Premier Mike Baird on Monday, after visiting the Prince Edward Yacht Club at Point Piper. An afternoon reception at Parliament House was also attended by  Minister for Sport and Recreation Stuart Ayres.

On Tuesday, he will visit the Art Gallery of NSW before meeting Duke of Edinburgh Award participants from eight inner west schools at Ashfield Boys High School. About 22,000 young Australians are enrolled on the scheme, the largest youth development program in the world.

A trivia event at the Powerhouse Museum rounds off the Sydney leg of the prince’s tour, which takes him on to Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

The Queen’s youngest child is not accompanied on the trip, the second by the British royal household to Australia this year, by his wife Sophie the Countess of Wessex, or their children, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

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The NUSHIP Canberra won’t be ready to respond to humanitarian emergencies arising from the coming cyclone season, a navy spokesman has said.

The massive vessel, due to be commissioned into the navy on November 28 under the command of Captain Jonathan Sadleir, will significantly improve Australia’s ability to respond to disasters such as cyclones, tsunamis and coastal earthquakes in the region.

But it won’t be this cyclone season. While a captain has been appointed, the final crew is not yet in place.

One of the reasons for the acquisition of Canberra and her sister ship, NUSHIP Adelaide, was the ability to respond to crises such as the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by delivering aid workers, medical supplies and materiel and operating as offshore hospitals and command and control centres to areas where the local infrastructure has been devastated.

“The RAN has already programmed another amphibious ship to be available to respond to humanitarian and disaster relief emergencies both domestically and regionally during this period [the cyclone season],” the RAN spokesman said.

“Navy will also have a vessel available on the east and west coasts. Each ship will be on a reduced notice to move during the December 19 to January 19, 2015, period and [will be available] to render assistance to search and rescue, civil emergencies or Border Protection Command requests.”

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Gold has lost ground for four-straight sessions, culminating in Friday’s fall. Gold has lost ground for four-straight sessions, culminating in Friday’s fall.

Gold has lost ground for four-straight sessions, culminating in Friday’s fall.

Gold has lost ground for four-straight sessions, culminating in Friday’s fall.

The price of gold has slumped sharply over the past week, as the US Federal Reserve finished its quantitative easing program, the Bank of Japan stepped up its own, and the US dollar strengthened.

Gold has lost ground for four-straight sessions, culminating in Friday’s fall of up to 3.1 per cent to a four-year low of $US1161.75 an ounce. On Monday, the precious metal was down 0.3 per cent at $US1169.20 in late Asian trade.

In contrast, the US dollar spot index – measuring the greenback’s value against a basket of major currencies – has jumped 2.2 per cent over the past four trading sessions.

Gold still remains highly correlated to the US dollar and the Bank of Japan’s unexpected move to expand its yearly asset purchases by trillions of yen has only exacerbated that, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group commodity analyst Victor Thianpiriya said.

However, there is a key difference to gold’s slump and the US dollar’s rise in 2014 when compared to last year.

“The US dollar was still strengthening last year as well, everyone was getting optimistic, bulled up positive on the US and that was driving down the price of gold, but the demand response we got from the Chinese last year on the physical side really stopped gold from going lower than it did and we really saw some strong bounces in the gold price when it got sold off,” he said.

“That hasn’t happened this year, we’ve seen particularly over the last few weeks that Chinese onshore gold demand has weakened significantly this year compared to last year and I think that’s a result from a bit of a hangover from the gold binge last year from the Chinese.”

With physical demand weak and gold ETFs [exchange-traded funds] being sold off, it’s hard to imagine any strong bounce in the yellow metal’s price, Mr Thianpiriya said, however, 2015 may see a slow recovery.

“For the moment, we’re still quite comfortable with our outlook for 2015 which is $US1180 for the end of this year and a bit of a gradual recovery back through the $US1200s for most of 2015,” Mr Thianpiriya said.

There is a lot of optimism priced into the US dollar at the moment and once the US central bank begins to raise rates, presumably some time next year, a stabilising greenback will be positive for gold prices, Mr Thianpiriya said.

The US dollar is only one side of the story, UBS commodity analyst Jo Battershill said.

“We’ve seen a lot of physical movement of gold from west to east, at some point, do those aspects of the fundamentals come into play?” Mr Battershill said.

“It’s almost like the paper markets in the US are looking at what’s going on in the ETF and what’s going on with the US dollar, but not looking at the other side of the equation. Clearly, it’s being sold out of ETFs but it’s being bought by someone.”

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Westfield is experimenting with new digital technologies at airports across the United States. Photo: Josh Robenstone Westfield is experimenting with new digital technologies at airports across the United States. Photo: Josh Robenstone

Westfield is experimenting with new digital technologies at airports across the United States. Photo: Josh Robenstone

Westfield is experimenting with new digital technologies at airports across the United States. Photo: Josh Robenstone

Shopping group Westfield, now the largest US airport concession manager and developer, is looking to boost revenue from the division through new technologies designed to help convince passengers to open their wallets.

Westfield manages $US860 million of retail sales at eight large airports in the US, accounting for $US160 million of airport revenue for the company.

Eileen Hanson, the Los Angeles-based vice-president of marketing for Westfield’s airport division, said the company had plenty of experience designing attractive physical environments, but now the focus was also on integrating digital technology into that.

Westfield now has a labs division in San Francisco that focuses completely on digital engagement with shopping centre customers and airport passengers.

“There are quite a few interesting pilots that they have launched in our shopping centres that we are looking at for airports as well,” she told Fairfax Media.

“One of them is called Dine on Time, which is on your mobile phone [as an app]. It is piloted in the San Francisco centre right now. And you are able to order your food on your phone and have it ready for you when you go and pick it up.”

She said credit card information could be pre-loaded and the restaurant would provide the length of time required before the food would be ready.

Ms Hanson said Westfield had also installed a hologram of a woman at Miami International Airport that was placed near a checkpoint and could describe to passengers the dining and retail options available once they reached the concourse.

“It is visually, I think, interesting because rather than just looking at a plain directory, she is a real filmed lady,” she said. “That is an interesting use of technology that we have had success with so far. We will look at ways that we can expand that elsewhere as well.”

Westfield has also installed digital touchscreen directories at Miami that can give passengers a 360-degree view of the space to help them figure out where their preferred shopping or dining option is located.

Of all of its airport projects, the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at Los Angeles International Airport has been the largest to date. The post-security shopping and dining options opened last year. Ms Hanson said sales per square foot had grown already, even though not all of the gates at the facility would be completed until next year.

Westfield also won tenders to manage the shopping and dining options in Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 6 at the airport. At Terminal 2, which is used by Air New Zealand until it moves to TBIT in December and also by Virgin Atlantic, Hawaiian Airlines and Aeromexico, it projects sales increases of 35 per cent once the project is completed. Westfield has chosen innovative retail options, including shapewear brand Spanx and a Univision news stand linked to the Spanish-speaking television channel as a result of the Aeromexico flights.

Ms Hanson said Westfield was focused on finding the right brand mix for each individual terminal, since the passenger mix is different. At Terminal 1, used by US budget carrier Southwest, it will offer more grab-and-go food options, whereas at TBIT there are more sit-down options because passengers dwell longer.

She said Westfield was also working on ways to get passengers out of the TBIT lounges, such as the Qantas-managed oneworld lounge and Air NZ-managed Star Alliance lounge, in order to help drive spending by those potentially lucrative passengers.

“We are looking at different ways that we can partner with the lounges, frankly,” she said. “Some of the lounges are interested in maybe having options to shop or have merchandise purchased from the lounge. Those aren’t things that have been rolled out but those are discussions we are having to see how we can bridge the gap.”

*The reporter travelled to Los Angeles as a guest of United Airlines and the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board.

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Katsumi Yoshida at Northern Farm in Hokkaido, in Japan’s north. Photo: Sankei Shimbun Katsumi Yoshida at Northern Farm in Hokkaido, in Japan’s north. Photo: Sankei Shimbun

Katsumi Yoshida at Northern Farm in Hokkaido, in Japan’s north. Photo: Sankei Shimbun

Katsumi Yoshida at Northern Farm in Hokkaido, in Japan’s north. Photo: Sankei Shimbun

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Japan’s stocks in the breeding stakes took a leap in 1993. The focal point was Northern Farm in Hokkaido, owned and run by 66-year-old Katsumi Yoshida.

Northern Farm was launched in 1993 after Katsumi’s father Zenya Yoshida, a legendary horseman and pioneer in the globalisation of racing and breeding, died.

Zenya had owned and run Shadai Farm, a breeding operation. After his death, it was divided into several parts and taken over by his three sons.

Teruya Yoshida, the eldest son, took the brand name Shadai and started his breeding operation at the Chitose branch. The second son, Katsumi, took over Hayakita branch, renamed it Northern Farm and started his breeding operation. The third son, Haruya Yoshida, took over Oiwake branch and started Oiwake Farm.

Zenya had owned about 300 mares and these were spread between his son’s farms. However, the stallions stayed at the same place, Shadai Stallion Station, and a new company Shadai Corporation, which is owned and run by the three brothers together, was created as the management company of the stallions.

Zenya was very keen to recruit well-bred mares from the United States and Europe, and during his last three years when Zenya had problems with his heart and lived with a pacemaker, Teruya acted on his behalf at the sales in Newmarket and Kentucky. However, it was Katsumi who attended a December sale at Newmarket in 1992 and bought two mares.

One of them was Ballet Queen, an unraced four-year-old mare by Sadlers Wells out of Sun Princess, winner of group 1 races the Epsom Oaks, St Leger and Yorkshire Oaks, who cost 100,000 pounds. The following spring, Ballet Queen foaled a colt by Caerleon, who was Fusaichi Concorde, the Japanese Derby winner in 1996.

The other mare that Katsumi bought was Rosa Nay, winner in France by Lyphard, who cost 130,000 pounds. Rosa Nay subsequently became the ancestor of many Graded Stakes winners including Rose Kingdom, champion juvenile in 2009 and winner of the Japan Cup in 2010. Katsumi Yoshida is a very good judge and was a successful buyer from the day one.

He was convinced through those experiences that the introduction of quality mares was a key factor in establishing a successful breeding operation, and became the keenest among three brothers to invest at the sales in Europe, the US, and Down Under, to expand his operation.

The horses bred by Katsumi Yoshida at Northern Farm have been running well in the past two decades, or I should say running better than horses bred by Zenya Yoshida, as Northern Farm has bred the winners of almost all major races in Japan and some very important races abroad.

The most notable horse Katsumi has bred so far is Deep Impact, by Sunday Silence out of Wind In Her Hair, who won the Triple Crown for three-year-olds in 2005 and other four Graded One Stakes in 2006, including the group 1 Japan Cup. Katsumi won four more derbies as the breeder, by Admire Vega in 1999, Jungle Pocket in 2001, King Kamehameha in 2004, and Logi Universe in 2009.

The horses Katsumi bred and who completed successful foreign campaigns include Cesario who won American Oaks in 2005, Utopia who won group 2 Godolphin Mile in 2006, Delta Blues who won Melbourne Cup in 2006, Admire Moon who won Dubai Duty Free in 2007, Ruler Ship who won Queen Elizabeth II Cup in 2012, Gentildonna who won Dubai Sheema Classic in March this year, and Admire Rakti who won on Caulfield Cup.

Admire Rakti by Heart’s Cry is the second foal out of Admire Teresa, who was also bred by Katsumi Yoshida. Admire Teresa by Helissio is the winner of five races and placed in group 2 Hanshin Himba Stakes in Japan.

Heed by Caveat, dam of Admire Teresa, is the winner of six races in the United States including G3/Nijana Stakes at Saratoga, and Katsumi Yoshida bought her at the Keeneland November Sale in 1996 for $210,000.

Admire Rakti, who was born at Northern Farm on February 22, 2008, was offered at the yearling session of JRHA Select Sale in 2009 and bought by Riichi Kondo, the most important client for Katsumi Yoshida and one of the biggest spender at JRHA Sale for years, for 32,000,000yen, approximately A324,000.

The pedigree of Admire Rakti might suggest he would be winner of major races over a mile and half, as his sire is winner of Dubai Sheema Classic, broodmare sire is winner of Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, sire of second dam is winner of Belmont Stakes, and sire of third dam is Nijinsky, winner of Epsom Derby, all of whom are great mile and half winners.

Katsumi’s passion to establish the broodmare band with the highest quality is still burning. He kept buying horses and kept acquiring lands from neighbours. As the result, Northern Farm is now boarding nearly 700 mares.

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Bookmakers across the country have vowed to take on Admire Rakti as punters rallied behind the Japanese star, which could still relinquish Melbourne Cup favouritism to Lloyd Williams’ Fawkner.

Tomoyuki Umeda’s Caulfield Cup hero brought to life an otherwise pedestrian call of the card at the traditional Cup eve bash on Monday after $6.50 was bet about the top pick.

Most odds-makers are expecting him to be a similar quote by jump time, while support for Cox Plate runner-up Fawkner is gathering momentum.

This year’s Melbourne Cup appears to be one of the most open in recent memory.

“Admire Rakti is our worst result, but there has been a massive move for Fawkner in the last 24 hours and the money is coming from the right places,” Ladbrokes’ Paul Di Cioccio said. “Fawkner is still $8, but if the money keeps coming he could be favourite.”

The Fawkner following had one big-time supporter at the call of the card, Sean Bartholomew knocking back a wager to win $1 million on the Australian-bred grey.

Bartholomew eventually accepted a smaller investment to win $250,000 at odds of $9.

While there was money for Willing Foe, suggesting some believe Godolphin can break its Cup curse, punters patiently waited for Admire Rakti to be the last of the 24 runners shopped.

Mark Sampieri was knocked off his stand after offering luxurious odds before he passed the baton to Warren Woodcock, who also could not keep pace writing tickets.

Robbie Waterhouse was next to hold the call, accepting the largest single bet of the day when one punter had $50,000 on Admire Rakti at $6.

Quizzed on whether he thought Admire Rakti would be so well backed, Waterhouse said: “No, I didn’t actually. I’m happy to bet against him and I was surprised he was so well supported.

“The other surprising thing about the call is it was nearly all cash. I would think [Admire Rakti’s] price will still be around $6 on race day.”

It is a similar quote to what other online bookmakers are prepared to offer, BetEasy’s Matt Tripp suggesting they will band together to take on Admire Rakti.

BetEasy took a wager of $40,000 on the seven-year-old, which is attempting to set a modern day weight-carrying record in the Cup and also become the first horse to complete the Caulfield-Melbourne cups double since 2001.

“I think I will bet around the $6 or $6.50 mark [until jump time] and I reckon the bookmakers will all want to take him on,” Tripp said. “I think the money will come for Fawkner and Signoff and there’s been good money for Protectionist so far.”

Sportingbet’s Andrew Brown said despite continued interest in Admire Rakti he would not be surprised if one of several horses started favourite by jump time.

“It will just depend which one the money comes for,” he said. “At the moment our losers are Fawkner, Admire Rakti, Lucia Valentina and Signoff, but it’s that sort of race.”

Added Glenn Munsie of Tab苏州美甲美睫培训学校.au: “For us overall Admire Rakti is a million-dollar loser, especially after the Caulfield Cup. The doubles are just killing us. There have been a couple of good pushes in the last couple of days, particularly Who Shot Thebarman and Fawkner.”

There were few other fireworks inside the Crown Palladium for the call of the card.

Tom Waterhouse snapped up the $31 about Willing Foe, asking bookmaker Anthony Doughty to risk a $500,000 payout. Doughty eventually stood to part with $250,000 to Waterhouse.

The best-supported outsider was Seismos, one wager a $2000 by $1500 each-way bet on Marco Botti’s import at $101. A couple of $1000 each-way bets were also taken before his price was wound into $81.

There were nibbles for some of Chris Waller’s long shots, including a single bet to win $151,000 on Opinion ($71) and another to win $100,000 on Who Shot Thebarman.

Darren Weir’s Lexus Stakes winner Signoff was friendless at $7.

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DRESSED TO KILL: Hannah Jones of Weston, Zac and Dylan Critchley of Heddon Greta and Levi Reynolds.There were confirmed sightings of supernatural creatures at two notoriously haunted Maitland establishments on Friday night.

More than 60 ghosts, zombies, witches and other apparitions were spotted dancing at Maitland Gaol while another 26 partied at the Old George and Dragon in East Maitland.

The creepy characters congregated at the venues for Halloween celebrations.

Halloween in Maitland | PHOTOS MAITLAND GAOL: Caleb and Noah Partridge of Bolwarra Heights with Justin Beaven of Rutherford.

OLD GEORGE AND DRAGON: Chef Gavin Forman, Renata Daniel and Jenni Nichols at the Old George and Dragon.

MAITLAND GAOL: Chelsea and Lily Woods of Gilleston Heights.

MAITLAND GAOL: Ghostbusters at Maitland Gaol.

MAITLAND GAOL: Hannah Jones of Weston Zac and Dylan Critchley of Heddon Greta and Levi Reynolds of Rutherford.

MAITLAND GAOL: Imogen de Vries and Trilby Ferguson at Maitland Gaol.

OLD GEORGE AND DRAGON: Nada Vujat and Michael Scales.

MAITLAND GAOL: Ninja cousins Zachary McGrath of Tenambit and Myles McGrath of Duckenfield.

OLD GEORGE AND DRAGON: Witches of Eastwick.

OLD GEORGE AND DRAGON: Zombie and Carrie (aka Renata Daniel).

TweetFacebookDo you have Halloween photos to share? Email them to [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校.au and we’ll add them to our gallery.

Maitland Gaol rocked to the sounds of a children’s disco and one cell block was commandeered for a haunted house filled with cobwebs, buckets of slime and all manner of spooky things.

The disco was held across two sessions, one for older children and one for younger, and raised money to aid Hunter Valley Men’s Crisis Support.

Newcastle Ghost Tours hosted a themed dinner at The Old George and Dragon, which boasted Cessnock psychic/medium Suzie Price as guest speaker.

Proprietor Jenni Nichols said guests reported a high level of supernatural activity throughout the evening.

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Back in charge: Shane Flanagan back at Cronulla training on Monday. Photo: Dominic LorrimerLife after ASADA began for Cronulla on Monday as Shane Flanagan resumed normal order at the Sharks in his first day back in the top job after an 11-month suspension.

The NRL last week gave Flanagan the green light to regain control of the team after serving his ban over governance issues at the club during its 2011 supplements program. The two-year ordeal will finally put to bed on November 21 when Paul Gallen, Anthony Tupou, Wade Graham and Nathan Gardner return from their back-dated doping bans.

Monday’s first day of pre-season training under Flanagan at Remondis Stadium, and his new assistant – former Dragons coach Steve Price, is the first step in a long and lengthy road to recovery for the Sharks, who fell from finals contenders to wooden spooners in Flanagan’s absence.

Cronulla have been battered from pillar to post in the last two years in relation to the ASADA scandal as well as numerous other off-field indiscretions, losing star playmaker Todd Carney after a vulgar photo of him went viral last year. NSW representative Luke Lewis said the club was finally ready to move on from the energy-sapping scandal that has engulfed the Sharks since his arrival in 2013.

“At the end of the day it’s all over which is the best thing for all of us,” he said. “We’re coming into 2015, we’ve got some new guys coming in, we’ve got some old guys coming back, I’m really looking forward to what lies ahead for Cronulla.”

Price has kept a low profile since he was sacked by St George Illawarra midway through last season, but resumed his coaching career under Flanagan on Monday. “Steve is a great addition to our staff and I’m certainly looking forward to having him as my assistant coach and to working alongside him,” Flanagan said. “He was an NRL assistant for a long period before stepping up into a head coaching role and his experience and knowledge will be invaluable for us.

“Steve’s appointment complements the other staff changes, which has included the appointment of high performance coach Andrew Gray and a skilled training and medical staff.”

Price said he was looking forward to helping rebuild the long-suffering club still searching for its maiden premiership almost half a century on from their foundation. “I’m excited about the opportunity and to be working with Shane, his staff and the playing group here at the Sharks,” Price said. “Shane is looking to implement cultural change and I’m keen to be a part of that.”

Former Canterbury grand finalists Michael Ennis and Mitch Brown also reported in for first day duties at their new club, however the pair won’t be required to start training until the end of the month. “It’s a pretty special day coming down here and meeting all the players and having Shane back on board,” Ennis said. “It’s good, it took me 10 minutes to get here today, it’s a lot closer to home … I’ve played with Chris Heighington and Michael Gordon in the Country team and obviously Luke [Lewis] at State of Origin level. The boys have been really welcoming and I’m looking forward to a couple of good seasons here.”

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