Jul 18

Merredin inventor hopes for shark ‘bite’

Budding inventor: Kiah Palmer of Merredin is hoping an appearance on the proposed Shark Tank television show will launch her range of innovative baby products.

A MERREDIN mum with a bright idea for a range of baby products is hoping a television show appearance may launch her career as an entrepreneur.

Kiah Palmer, 26, recently auditioned for the proposed Shark Tank program Shine Australia is producing for Network Ten and hopes to hear this week whether she will be chosen to pitch her proposed product range to a panel of multi-millionaires known as ‘sharks’.

The Australian version of the show, due to premiere next year, follows the format of the US hit of the same name where selected budding inventors pitch their potential products to the panel of millionaire ‘sharks’ who may decide to invest, or not, in them.

“After applying with my range of innovative baby products, I was called back to Perth for a casting tour where I had to pitch my idea to a panel of producers for the show,” Ms Palmer said last week.

“As I was leaving they indicated I’d been shortlisted for filming, I’m hoping to hear from them this week.

“Needless to say, as a young mother of three children, this is a seemingly life-changing prospect for all of us.

“We have had a very hard time of life with injury, illness and finance, so the thought of potentially being invested in is very exciting indeed,” she said.

Ms Palmer said teething problems with her own children daughters Madison, 8, Mikayla, 3, and Hayley, five months led her to investigate alternatives to conventional teething rings.

“All (her children) got their baby teeth very early, between one month and three months, and Mikayla was born with hers which presented some problems because they were too young to use conventional teething rings,” she said.

Applying her mind to the problem and calling on her experience as a mum, she came up with an initial concept for one product, then with some lateral thinking developed the concept into three individual products.

“I’m looking to manufacture and I’ve tried previously to get funding, but I have no idea on patents and that sort of thing.

“I’m really looking for a business partner, I don’t have the business skills to take it from idea to production,” she said.

Her hope is that the sharks will be circling and that one will “bite”.