Jul 18

Warwick Rodeo featurePhotos

Warwick Rodeo feature | Photos Out of the chute and heading for the dirt – Photo Steve Glasgow

The rodeo clowns look on as this rider deals with 800kg of bull trying hard to dislodge him. – Photo Steve Glasgow

One bounce and off for this rider – Photo Steve Glasgow

Out of the saddle but handing on. This bronc does it’s best to unseat his rider. – Photo Steve Glasgow

Off he goes, heading to the dirt – Photo Steve Glasgow

Chasing the steer round the campdrafting course – Photo Steve Glasgow

Up close and personal, making sure the beast knows where to go – Photo Steve Glasgow

The cowboys of tomorrow discuss their new tractor – Photo Steve Glasgow

That new tractor is a big decision – Photo Steve Glasgow

This bronc launches himself trying to unseat this cowboy – Photo Steve Glasgow

This cowboy is heading for the dirt – Photo Steve Glasgow

Corkscrewing around the arena is one way of getting rid of a rider – Photo Steve Glasgow

Yes, this is going to hurt. (Photo Mandy Glasgow

Bull riding is the most dangerous of the rodeo sports as this cowboy is finding out. – Photo Steve Glasgow

The rodeo clowns come to the rescue as the bull tries to even the score. – Photo Steve Glasgow

The pick up riders work hard to get the broncs under control after they unseat their riders. (Photo Mandy Glasgow) – Photo Steve Glasgow

The pick up rider helps the cowboy off the bronc at the end of the ride. (Photo Mandy Glasgow) – Photo Steve Glasgow

Pick up rider concentrating on the task at hand. (Photo Mandy Glasgow

This bronc may have lost its rider but it still has something to say (Photo Mandy Glasgow)

Off you go! (Photo Mandy Glasgow)

TweetFacebookPhotos and story by Steve Glasgow and Mandy GlasgowLying 130km south west of Brisbane is the Southern Downs town of Warwick.

On the last weekend of October every year, Warwick hosts one of the largest rodeos on the Queensland Rodeo calendar.

Spread over seven days, events range from the very Australian rodeo sport of Camp Drafting to bronco riding and bull riding. Spectators and competitors travel from all over in Australia to compete in Australia’s most Famous Rodeo.

In a campdrafting a rider on horseback has to separate or “cut out” one animal from the mob of cattle in the yard or the “camp” and block and turn the beast at least two or three times to prove to the judge that they have it under control. From there, the rider takes it out of the yard and through a course around pegs involving right and left hand turns in a figure eight, before guiding it through two pegs known as “the gate”. The outside course must be completed in less than 40 seconds

A course can be either left or right handed, it is up to the judge on the day.

Saddle bronc and bull riding are possibly the two iconic sports in Rodeo. Saddle bronc riding is a highly skilled event. Sitting astride a wildly bucking horse, the rider earns points for spurring in time to the movements of the horse.

Extra points are gained for longer actions that run from the shoulder to the girth.

Stay on until the whistle goes to score, touch the horse with your free hand or come off and there is no score. It is quite possible that despite all of the practice and effort, a rider can go through the whole competition without scoring any points at all!

Bull riding is considered the most dangerous event at the Rodeo. The rider has to stay on top of 800kg of writhing, jumping, lunging bull to score. Again, touch the bull with your free hand and there is no score recorded.

Once you come off, that is not the end of your problems. The bulls often turn on the riders seeking come revenge on the rider. Thankfully, the Rodeo Clown comes to the rescue, saving the riders from serious injury.